Hello, I am Cyrille Gindreau and I am the creator of this web site. I have

created this web site in order to keep an online resume of what I have done,

what I plan to do, and hopefully as a anchor point for any artist wishing to

collaborate. Please feel free to look around and send me any thoughts of

what I can do to better the site or to better the work. I am planning to create

a link to show the works of fellow colleagues but for now, enjoy.




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Call for writers

We are a local (L.C.) production team in need of a screen writer for a project slated to begin filming in April. This project will require a writer with a passion for dialogue and character development and who will be wiling to be involved with a project that will require a great amount of dedication.
The team has worked together on one production over the past year but has a combined experience that allows us to produce quality films.
If there are any interested writers please reply and we will go from there.

Thank You